backlit 背光的

  • someone or something that is backlit has light shining at them from behind

Backlit onyx wall bar front

candlelit 烛光的

  • lit only by candles

direct 直接照射的

  • direct heat or light comes straight at a person or object and is not reflected or reduced in strength

floodlit 泛光灯照明的

  • a floodlit event, area, or building is lit at night by using floodlights

London, Floodlit Bridge

fluorescent 荧光的

  • PHYSICS a fluorescent substance produces light when you pass electricity through it

halogen 卤素光

  • using halogen to produce light or heat

Halogen Bulbs

infrared 红外线的

  • relating to or using a type of light that can be felt as heat but cannot be seen. It has wavelengths that are longer than those of light that can be seen, but shorter than those of radio waves.

moonlit 月光下

  • provided with light from the moon.

phosphorescent 磷光的

  • producing a weak light without any heat

soft 柔软的

  • a soft light or color is pale, gentle and pleasant to look at

softly 轻柔的

  • with a pale light that is pleasant and relaxing

starlit 星光灿烂的

  • bright with light from the stars

strong 明亮的光照

  • strong light or strong colors are very bright

sunlit 阳光照射

  • brightly lit by the sun

sunny 阳光明媚

  • bright with light from the sun

twilit 暮光

  • LITERARY lit only by twilight

The Twilit Grotto

ultraviolet 紫外线照射

  • ultraviolet light is beyond the normal range of colors that humans can see. Too much ultraviolet light can be bad for your skin. It is often simply called UV.

UV 紫外线照射,缩写

  • ultraviolet

wintry 冬天寒冷的光

  • wintry sunlight is pale, and produces little warmth

Wintry Mountain Landscape

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